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Silver and gold stamping is generally applied to editions of ten or more books. Stamping can be applied to leather with results that are both beautiful and exquisite. If stamping is an option that interests you, please allow 6-8 weeks for your books to be made. Stamp dies can take up to 4-6 weeks to be made (depending on the time of year) so please contact The Soleil Bookbindery as soon as you believe that you want a die for the cover of your books.

services provided by The Soleil Bookbindery

The Soleil Bookbindery is proud to provide a variety of services to the many communities of The Research Triangle including Chapel Hill, Durham, Apex, Cary, Carrboro, Pittsboro, Hillsborough, and the Fearrington community. Master Bookbinder, Susan Soleil, has contributed her time to the Cary Community Center, the Chapel Hill Museum, and restoration services to UNC Chapel Hill and Duke University.

If you have a request for a book repair, or speaking engagement please contact Susan Soleil at The Soleil Bookbindery at 919-564-5853. If you cannot make it to the bookbindery, for a small travel fee, she can come to your home or office.

Poetry book, custom work by Susan Soleil at The Soleil Bookbindery; William Heyen, Poet and Collector.

A Lewis & Clark Journal Replication (color-matched to Carolina Blue; Dark Brown leather) Book sizes: 5x7 ($75 USD), 4x6 ($55 USD).


Are you responsible for a private collection? The Soleil Bookbindery has assisted many small Special Interest Groups (SIGs), Libraries, and companies with restoring and preserving books that are integral to the history of the group.


If you have a book the requires immediate repair, please call the bindery at 919-564-5853. The earlier that you can deliver the book to the bindery, the faster we can assist you with an emergency repair (e.g. spills, tears, torn pages, spine repair, bindings, etc.).

24-hour Emergency Repair Service is available at The Soleil Bookbindery. Please call 919-564-5853 for more information.


A Family Bible repair is a restoration that restores the Bible to its original state.

  1. (L)Photo album for newborn baby. (R) Closeup of paper. Please call 919-564-5853 to set up an appointment.


  1. (L)Photo album for newborn baby. (R) Closeup of paper. Please call 919-564-5853 to set up an appointment.


A Soleil Bookbindery Children’s Book Repair (before and after), Lassie Come Home.

Do you have a conservation project that requires a short-term commitment? 919-564-5853

cookbook restoration I

Family cookbooks are handed down from generation to generation; repair completed by The Soleil Bookbindery.

Corporate project work by The Soleil Bookbindery; WXXI-TV, Rochester, NY, dark gold foil stamping, archival cloth and paper.

cookbook restoration II

corporate work

custom work

Custom work by The Soleil Bookbindery for J. Kameron Center, gold stamped, leather journals. Call 919-564-5853.

A graphic novel completed by The Soleil Bookbindery; graphic novel with silver stamping, archival dark cloth. 919-564-5853

the graphic novel

Give a Gift Certificate for a book repair or binding at The Soleil Bookbindery.

gift certificate

Hard Cover Book with Lined Pages. (Left: Green cloth with Marbled paper with matching pencils. Right: Closeup of paper).

journals : CLOTH BOUND

journals : LEATHEr (shown: carolina blue)

Lectureship Series Editions by The Soleil Bookbindery; Edmund Lyon Memorial Lectureship Series, 1981-1985.

lectureship series edition

The Memorial Art Gallery, Voices in the Gallery (L) front cover, (R) Closeup of front cover. An RAF ADDY Award Winner.

poetry books : FIRST EDITIONS & OTHER

poetry books : FIRST EDITIONS & OTHER

retirement giftS

Retirement Gifts recognize someone in your organization. Above, Bausch & Lomb employee. Call 919-564-5853 for more info.

A retirement gift represents a lifetime and too often, many recipients are unhappy when the retirement gift is not functional. Give a gift that reflects the retirees professional life at an organization and one that will last a lifetime. Call 919-564-5853 today.

A special edition is a set of books that are identical in cover and design. The bindery can make between 10 and 1000 copies. Call 919-564-5853 for an appointment today.

special editionS

Susan Soleil, Master Bookbinder, will speak at your Special Interest Group (SIG) for a small fee of $125 USD.

speaking engagements

Targeting a special topic for your SIG is key to keeping the interest of your members. Call today to get Master Bookbinder, Susan Soleil on your calendar of events.

Are you investigating your family history? Are you interested in having a small edition of your family history bound into a book? Call us today at 919-564-5853. Here are a few places to that can help you with your research.


Compare genealogy software at these sites:

Thesis Statement Binding by The Soleil Bookbindery with dark blue leather with silver foil stamping, Dr. John K. Matsushima, A Century of Progress.

thesis statement binding

wedding photo albums & guestbooks

A wedding guestbook can be as intricate or simple as you like. From bride white to eco green, we are happy to assist you.  919-564-5853

Book Repair prices vary because no two books are the same. Repair prices are based on the condition of the book, your choice of binding preferences (cloth or leather binding), headbands (Italian or French), loose pages, the condition of the book block, and if the book will require any hand sewing. Please feel free to call the bookbindery for more information and to set up an appointment for a FREE evaluation of your book.

Prices listed below are average prices for book repairs. It is used as a starting price for a book repair.

Small Book Repair, Children’s Books, novels,/literature............................................prices range from $69 USD and up

BIBLE Repair: Small “personal” Bible. Avg. size = H 3” x W 5”............................prices range from $135 USD and up

BIBLE Repair: Medium “personal” Bible. Avg. size = H 5” x W 7” +....................prices range from $165 USD and up

BIBLE Repair: Large Family Bible. Avg. size =  8 x 9 +...................................................prices from $275 USD and up

Prices vary depending on the condition of the book block, covers, spine, pages, and end papers.


The Soleil Bookbindery specializes in book repair, binding, and restoration services. See more below.

24-hour emergency SERVICES

Did someone loan you a book and you had an accident with it? If you have a book the requires immediate repair, please call the bindery at 919-564-5853. The earlier that you can deliver the book to the bindery, the faster we can assist you with an emergency repair (e.g. tears, torn pages, spine repair, bindings, etc.).


If you are planning the design of an historical work please call The Soleil Bookbindery to assist you. Book issues like margin, bleed, and gutter affect book design and the physical properties of making a book. The Soleil Bookbindery can assist with layout and design and save a lot of time before your book is bound. Please call The Soleil Bookbindery for assistance. 919-564-5853


Sketchbooks can be portrait or landscape and any size of your choosing. The Soleil Bookbindery has made sketchbooks for numerous students in the arts at Rochester Institute of Technology, the Tisch School of the Arts, and for students at many other colleges and universities. Prices range from $65 USD (5x7) and up.



Damage to a book can be a traumatic personal event. If you need assistance with an insurance claim for a book repair, please contact The Soleil Bookbindery. The Soleil Bookbindery is an approved insurance bindery and can provide your insurance company with a written estimate for a book restoration. If a fire has damaged an irreplaceable book in your home, call The Soleil Bookbindery to assist you with your insurance needs. Susan Soleil will prepare a written insurance estimate for the book repair and provide the restoration if it is requested. Call The Soleil Bookbindery for assistance with your insurance quote and book restoration. 919-564-5853